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About the illustrator Ė Jo Mooring Aldridge

Jo says she doesnít like writing about herself so Iím doing this for her. Jo grew up in Poole and moved to Lymington about twenty years ago. She is mad keen on sailing and like me, has a lovely black dog. Youíll probably see touches of both of our dogs in her drawings of Charcoal!

The Illustrator - Jo Mooring Aldridge with her dog Jo-Jo photo by David Harding

When she isnít sailing with her dog or writing about sailing, she is usually drawing, painting or making wonderful pictures from textiles. Sometimes I go round to her house to find her doing bizarre things like ironing crisp packets (donít try this at home!) to give the right texture on one of her collages. She has rooms and rooms full of fascinating bits and pieces like old scraps of foil, rags, buttons and wool that most people would throw away but she uses to create pictures.

As you can imagine, a lot of Joís pictures involve the sea in some way. Shells, fishing nets, seaweed, boats and lighthouses (which she collects Ė not real ones of course). She is also great at drawing buildings, people and dogs.

Charcoal and the Christmas Foal gave rise to some of Joís first real adventures in drawing ponies, which isnít easy. I think she has done a fantastic job and I love the Christmas Foal even more now that he has leapt out of my mind into a book thanks to Joís great sketches.


Contact Jo

If you would like to contact Jo please drop her an email