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For Schools and other learning organisations

Charcoal and the Christmas Foal is a children’s story which is deeply connected with the New Forest, its landscape and wildlife. Children who are becoming confident readers will enjoy reading it alone but like most stories, it is even better read aloud. We are putting together a range of free downloads for schools. If you have any ideas about what would be most useful, please let us know and we will do our best to include them.

Squirrel in The New Forest

Jo and I have some ideas about workshops for children aged between about seven and ten years (although not necessarily limited to this age group). They will involve a reading from Charcoal and the Christmas Foal, time for questions, and the chance for children to tap into their own creative nature with some writing of their own as well as drawing, colouring, collage or painting.

These workshops can easily be adapted and developed for groups with special needs.

Contact us to arrange a workshop or discuss ideas for your class or group.